A1 Health and Safety Cornwall: Better by experience

Perception of risk is everything

As Chartered Safety and Health Practitioners we are bound by a strict set of ethical rules. You will always receive the highest quality of professional advice and training.


Our unique background as health and safety enforcement inspectors, senior local authority managers and social care professionals means our perception of what you will require for your organisation’s risks will be based on years of practical experience from both sides of the health and safety equation.


Professional and well respected staff


Our consultants and teachers are known experts in their particular fields of expertise and have been either consultants to or writers of renowned reference material for various bodies.




At A1 Health and Safety our mission is to add value to your training needs whilst being the most cost beneficial training provider available. Unlike some other providers, A1 Health and Safety do not just offer training by professionals but also provide expert advice so that students gain confidence to carry out their legal responsibilities on their own.



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